why nfts for creators, brands & digital marketing

nfts for creators & brands

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”

 NFTs are unique digital assets, and they exist in many forms from digital art, virtual real estate, collectibles, gaming and more. Any type of digital media can be minted or tokenized and turned into an NFT: art, trading cards, memes, gifs, video & audio. Once they are tokenized, these assets can be bought, sold and traded in perpetually with royalties for the creators.

💰 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT sold for $3.4 Million
💰 CryptoPunk 7804 sold for $7.6 Million
💰 McDonalds minted McRib to enhance their brand with NFTs
💯 NFTs for Digital Marketing to enhance branding, build loyalty and increase revenue


What are nfts?

Why NFTs?

You’re a creator, artist, influencer, or entrepreneur.

Creators – We bring your work to the digital world and Metaverse to unlock new revenue streams for your creations & art. 

Influencers – We can mint your moments you’ve created & shared on social media, and have your fan’s and community own these moments in time.

Minting NFTs is just the start

Creators & Artists can have a virtual Art Gallery in the Metaverse showcasing their NFTs. These NFTs can be seen my millions more people than they ever would in person.

Our value-added services include a custom website to showcase NFTs to a Storefront to sell your NFTs

nfts for digital marketing

mintNFTs.co can help leverage your brands digital assets with NFTs for Digital Marketing

🍸 NFTs for Drink Brands can use NFTs to promote their product and have customers collect their favorite moments digitally and share with their friends.

🍕 NFTs for Pizza Brands can leverage their Pizza digital assets on the blockchain with digital Pizzas minted as NFTs. These can be used for rewards, & customer loyalty.

🎄  NFTs for Christmas Brands can leverage their Christmas digital assets on the blockchain with digital Ornaments, stocking stuffers minted as NFTs. These can be used for rewards, & customer loyalty or simply fun! 

 🚕  NFTs for Launch & Fund   Taxi NFTs for launching, funding & growing your project while earning loyalty from your supporters.

⌚️ NFTs for Watch Brands can utilize NFTs for validity, eliminating the middleman for certification if a real watch is bought and sold. The NFT can be attached to the physical watch as its bought and sold online & in the Metaverse.

Enhance your brand. Build loyalty. Increase revenue perpetually with NFTs.

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