Facebook is Meta What it means for Crypto, Blockchain, NFTs & the Metaverse

Facebook renaming the company to Meta is significant milestone for not only the company but Internet and its future. Like Facebook or not we are all connected because of what they have built. They are moving their corp brand away from social media for many reasons but also connecting us more with the Metaverse which is why we are so bullish is the right strategy moving forward.

What Facebook has intended to build for the past 17 years but it just took blockchain technology, investment in Oculus & (crypto) market timing to make this happen. Changing the company name is absolutely massive for the blockchain and crypto industry accelerate innovation as they already have 3 billion users.
What they are going to build is going to be the next version of the Internet and this is going to completely encompass all of us.

Our team has been thinking about Metaverse for a while as well but the timing wasn’t there with Facebook now investing billions, and hiring 10K employees – Meta brings the entire sea up.

Some of mintNFTs.co’s digital assets for this new paradigm include many blockchain domains that will be built into Metaverse properties.

Here are some decentralized web projects in the Metaverse our team are working on:

🍕 NFTs.Pizza – Pizza brand digital collectibles

🍸 Seltzers.NFT – Premium drink brand digital collectibles

🏢 DowntownCondo.NFT – Digital Realestate

⛳️ GolfCards.NFT – PGA tour player digital collectibles would be amazing!

Do you have a Metaverse idea you’d like to explore? Let’s chat!

NFTs are a big part of our Metaverse strategy, and our timing is perfect to offer minting NFTs-as-a-Service for Creators & Brands for Digital Marketing.

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